We have an async BPM that’s not running because the ice.BpActionQueue is backed up. There are a large number of tasks pending so I hate to clear the entire table and force all the users to resubmit their orders for processing. If I clear the tasks with errors from the ice.BpActionQueue and ice.BpActionQueueData will it resume running? Trying to avoid asking sales to resave all their orders.

You should be able to clear individual queue records. I believe there are trigger events that makes it so you only need to clear the BpActionQueue (not the data).


This is what I ended up doing and it eventually cleared itself.

Jason, whoa thanks for this insight! This is my most feared problem, luckily the one async bpm we have hasn’t had this issue (I put extensive logging + wrapped the entire procedure in a try/catch). I didn’t know that just the queue could be cleared and the data could then be re-processed. I thought it had to be all at once. Interesting! Thanks for sharing this! Now I wanna test it lol

@jgehling Not sure I understand what you mean.
However, in previous testing, you can remove the BpActionQueue record and the system would automatically remove the BpActionQueueData record (because of it’s child relationship).
You don’t have to clear all BpActionQueue records, just the ones that hang up.

Ohhh gotcha, so if one record hangs up, and one needs to clear it, the data in it will be lost correct? The transaction will need to be re-ran?

I think it depends on how your BPM/custom works. In our case we don’t lose the data, but you have to resave the order or manually set the trigger. The data is there the BPM just doesn’t process like it should.

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I see, ours creates customer shipments based off of FWB allocations. So if a user allocates 10 orders, and this async bpm hangs for some reason, I cannot “re-process” the operation by just deleting the actionqueue and preserving the orders that need packs created. I still need the user to un-allocate then allocate again.

Yes. The logic will essentially not process the BPM, but the normal Epicor process will complete.

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