BPM before packslip printing

Does anyone know, if it’s possible to run a method directive bpm, before printing a packslip.
so I can add extra lines to the packslip, I can’t find the right business object.


Short answer, no
Long answer…
Via customization you can accomplish this if you replace the print button with your own or a combination there of.


Can you build the adding of the extra lines into the process? In E9 I have date codes that have to print on the pack slip that are calculated after the last line is added to the packout. I have a checkbox that when set to true runs the calculation on a Shiphead Data Directive, but could also be on UpdateMaster.

Then a simple customization in print pack slip that checks for the checkbox to be true before printing is allowed.

thank you both, I ended up with a extra field at the packslip, to trigger the bpm.
(i will try the long answer as an update :slight_smile: )