BPM count

Whenever I make a BPM as a test for something on this site(like helping another poster, or trying another solution that I find interesting), I give it the Directive Group: “E10H” - All in my Development environment, of course.

Searching on the Group: <Any>, I get 81 Method Directives, and 43 DD’s
Searching on the Group: E10H, I get 73 Method Directives, and 22 DD’s

So of the 124 BPM’s, in my Devel environment, 95 of them were for solutions on this site. :slight_smile:


And the number of BAQ’s that start with E10H is 155


It sure is nice that you test before you post. I’ll admit, I rarely do… :grimacing:


Weird flex but okay :stuck_out_tongue:

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I forgot to add …