BPM creates duplicate ASNs

Having an Issue with a BPM to auto send 856 to EDI - works fine except it sends 2 duplicate XML files to the EDI system - the XMLs have different file numbers and show created at the same time when you view the history tasks in the system monitor.
Anyone know what might be triggering this duplicate task?

BPM is a data Directive keying on the “shipped” check box on the shipment entry screen so BPM looks at “ShipHead” for the shipping status of “SHIPPED”. Also tried using the READY to Invoice checkbox with same result.

Have looked at the Auto Print setup - Report Parameters but I don’t recognize any setting that might suggest sending twice.

Suggestions would be appreciated!

Hi Steve,
I believe we are using the same with the addition of EDIReady.

Just to be safe, can you post your AutoPrint setup?

And what are your execution rules?