BPM, Data Directive - Selecting from an Invoke BO Method tableset

For a DMR object in Epicor, you may have multiple Actions that are taken. I am working on a project that sends emails out to appropriate departments from said DMR activity, as that activity occurs. In my Data Directive ( Standard type ) design starting from DMRActn table, I was able to add the DMRProcessingTableset using an Invoke BO Method caller, setup for GetByID. I was looking to add the DMR Action comments to the email. However, I immediately observed that this tableset contains all actions for a DMR, and I have been so far unable to figure out how to select only the Action Comment from the specific Action that is being created or updated at the time. The result is that when I include ActionComment on the email template, I receive an email with comments from any and all Actions that have occurred. I would like to include only the comment from the Action activity that has triggered the Data Directive.
Have you crossed this bridge before?

PS: I guess I was overthinking this one, if I just instead include the ttDMRActn comment, like I was doing prior to adding the tableset in order to grab PartNum and JobNum from the DMR header, then that does it.

PPS: To go grab the Action Reason Description from the BO Method output though, same issue - how to pick just the Reason Description pertaining to the ttDMRActn record.

PPPS: The Reason Description is a similar thing, just include the type “D” as input into the reason Tableset.

Also, note that Part Description is part of the DMRHead Tableset and as such, can be added directly to the email template. Trying to add the Part Tableset leads to some interesting behavior. For example, the Invoke BO callers “turn red”.