BPM Data Form Yes/No

So, I have searched the topics here and found a lot regarding BPM Data Forms, but none of them answer what I was looking for (unless I missed it). I have also read the section in the ICE Manual and that did not help either.

If you do a form with just a Yes/No option, what is the result for each? Does the Yes continue processing and the No stops it? Can I put a condition after the data form checking to see if Yes was selected so I can do a true/false path?

I have seen multiple people say that this can be used for a simple yes/no, but I don’t know what to do after the data form in the BPM.

BPM Data form is processed by you, so the Buttons return the Button ID then you have to determine what you want to do with that info
IF CallContextButtonValue=11111 then YES else NO…

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I was not getting that from what I was reading. Thanks @josecgomez!

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