BPM Designer locking up

I’ve been plagued now for over a year with an issue. When I’m designing a BPM the designer locks up randomly (so it seems) when I do anything dealing with C#. It could be an expression builder, or custom code. It doesn’t happen all the time, but whenever it does I have to kill the client and hope that I had a recent copy saved. I have asked support, but of course I could never get the problem to reproduce with them. It is acting like a modal dialog box is still showing, even though I closed it. It doesn’t lock up while I’m coding, only after I close it.

This happens on my local client, as well as on the App servers and RDS server. Has anybody else experienced this?

Yes, I have this issue on occasion and the one where it crashes the client for me, it seems to happen more frequently with cloud based deployments.

Hi Doug,
I suspect you are seeing this when you type a period and the code editor tries to do “intelisense” poorly and will lock up. In my experience it will come back, but can take up to 15 minutes, often less than 10. For this reason I use Microsoft Code, and then copy paste. I know it’s not great, but beats waiting.

I’ve started hitting Ctrl-Space to see the drop down and then clicking “Ok” to close the code editor. It hasn’t locked up on me once since I started doing that.