BPM - DuplicateProject succeeds but error displays


I’m new here - great community!

Trying to learn BPM/Functions in Kinetic Cloud. Test case is to duplicate a template project from a sales order using BPM/Functions.

I have a Post-Process BPM on SalesOrder Update that invokes ProjectSvc.DuplicateProject Method.

The invoke works because the project is created but I get a correlation error ‘something went wrong’ and the info message does not display. So I believe the BPM stops as though the invoke returned error.

I can call the DuplicateProject Method via SwaggerUI and Postman and get 200 response and the project is created successfully. I recreated this BPM as a function and get the same success.

Additional Observations:
The DuplicateProject method appears to have a return value of type ProjectTableSet. This value appears to be an empty structure coming back from a 200 response. Seems odd(?)


Any suggestions appreciated.