Bpm, field not blank help

Epicor 9.05.701

I have a data directive bpm on OrderRel.ReqDate. If the field is changed from any to any fire an email notification to a user.

However, i need the bpm tweeking to ignore IF the field was blank (in other words only fire an email if the field already had a date in it)…I say this because when a new release is created that field is blank.
I tried saying if the field is not equal to null (?) but it didn’t work.

I have one set similar to the way you have it listed above and I don’t recall it sending on blank ones changing. It has been since turned off, sorry couldn’t be more help.

no worries…
there must be a way to do it.

I just spent a lot of time trying the “Number of rows in the query …” condition but with no luck.

Here’s what I tried (maybe it’ll point you in the right direction - or someone else will see my error)

Joined ttOrderRel to OrderRel, using Company, OrderNum, OrderLine, and OrderRelNum

then added criteria to the OrderRel table of:


P.S. Doing this in an In’Transit, so I have access to the value prior to the update.

Would you not just add this condition?

the OrderRel.Date field of the changed row is not equal to the ? expression

That’s exactly what I tried
Didn’t work

If standard data directive is required, the only thing I can think of is if you made a UD field to capture the previous ReqDate and compare the data. You could handle this through a customization or a pre-process BPM.

You can compare it to ttCallContextBpmData.Date01 which should be null if you’re not passing data to it.
If OrderRel.Date <> ttCallContextBpmData.Date01 then DO: