BPM for changing related task due date on Quote


Does anyone have experience using a BPM to change the task due date on a quote? By default, all related tasks are assigned the same due date as the parent task. We would like to update the due date of the related task based on the task ID. I tried adding a post processing BPM on the Quote.Update but it turns out that the field I need to change is not a part of any of the tables. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Yes, the date you need to change is in the Task table. Presumably, from what you’re saying, the DueDate field.

You can update it via BPM as you want, and the only real subtlety is finding the exact Task if your workflow is (or could in the future be) more than a single task. We find “RelatedToFile = ‘QuoteHed’ and Key1 = QuoteHed.QuoteNum and TaskID = QuoteHed.ActiveTaskID” (swapping out the table/field combinations for their values) to do the trick.