BPM Function - no Auto-Print block

version: 10.2.600.29

Transferring some data-directives into Functions, for one of these directives we use the ‘auto-print’ block.
I do not see that block in the function designer, so I am assuming it just is not going to be there, or maybe it’s coming in the future?

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Definitely would be nice to have. I took a class a while back and the topic came up.

The instructor mentioned that it could be done through custom code. Unfortunately, I don’t remember any specific details.

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Yeah , I have traced the methods that run for this particular report printing (AR Edit List) but then we happened on the auto-print which really takes away the needed code.

Thank you for your rsponse.

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Auto-print and Change Log widgets are Data Directive specific and will not be supported by EFx.
Like they are not supported in Method Directives.