BPM Help - Email Alert w/ Detail (rows)

I’m assuming this is elementary for some of you guys and gals, but I’m not sure how to get this to work. Perhaps the available widgets are not enough and I need some custom code.

I’ve been tasked to send out an email (alert) to our President when a quote is generated. I set that up and can easily plug in QuoteHed information. What he’d like to see is some information from the QuoteDtl table as well. (PartNum, LeadTime, etc.)

In the “Send E-mail” widget, I see I can do a table query against QuoteDtl… but I’m only getting the column headers (comma delimited)… but do not get any row values.

I set this up as Pre-Processing…

  1. Would I see the row values if I moved it to Post?
  2. Is there an easy way to move from Pre to Post… or do I have to just rebuild it from scratch?
  3. Is there a way to format the results so they’re NOT comma delimited but in a more reader-friendly format?

Is there a better approach?

I’m currently reading through older posts on converting these emails to HTML. (I’m new to creating BPM email alerts). Perhaps that will give me better functionality/readability… but I first need to get the results to populate.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Are you familiar with creating BAQ SSRS Reports?

My approach is having the BPM trigger an SSRS Report (filtered to the Quote num) to be emailed to a specified address as a PDF. May not be the best approach, but its what ive done.

Or better yet, you may not even need to create a BAQ SSRS report. you could have the Standard Quote Form triggered instead.

Yeah, I thought about that approach… just using APR to send the actual quote (or a dumbed-down BAQ report) to the President… but I’m holding that as a last resort.

I’m trying to use this as a “learning exercise” on generating email alerts, hahaha.

  1. Copy paste works within method directives so you should be able to select everything in your pre, copy it, and then paste it into a new post.

Answering some of my own questions in case it helps others down the road:


I was able to get everything I needed from the base widgets. No custom code required.

That being said, I stumbled on a couple intriguing posts from @jgiese.wci showing examples of functions which I wish I understood a little better… maybe someday I’ll catch up and be able to follow along a little better, haha. More research required on my part.

The table query in the “Send E-mail” widget (in my case) would only provide the headers in a Pre-Processing method.

But, YES, it WILL provide the row values if used in a Post-Processing method.

I ended up doing my BPM “conditions” in a Pre-Processing method, but then used that to enable a Post-Processing method to send the actual email/alerts. This was mainly due to wanting to send alerts for quote “changes”. I had a couple conditions based on fields changing “from any to another” which isn’t available on the Post-Processing side.

So, doing all in a Pre-Processing method… I couldn’t get the table query results.
Doing it all in a Post-Processing method… I couldn’t get my conditions set the way I wanted.

Probably a plethera of other ways to skin the cat, but doing a Pre/Post combo work well for me.

Yes… but you need to switch the email format to HTML.

Search the forums for “BPM HTML email” (or other like keywords) a lot of good posts to find breadcrumbs on setting that up. (Thanks to @ckrusen for posting a lot of good detailed notes with code & images on that throughout the forum. It was a huge help!)

By making the email HTML, the table query populates… as a table, and you’re able to use HTML script to format the table borders, colors, etc. to make it much more presentable.