BPM - Method Directive Project - Create a Standard Comment each time a New Project is Created


Can anyone help? I am trying to create a Standard Comment each time a NEW Project is created. I have created a Pre-Process Method Directive for “GetNewProject” but am unsure of how to Set Field for the Comment.text field with Multiple Lines

Thanks for the help!

It needs to be post-processing on a GetNew. On the Pre-Processing, there’s nothing in the tt tables. In the post-processing, the method has returned a tt record with RowMod = “A”.

Thanks, Kevin. If I want the Set Field) Comment text field to have multiple lines, not one string how would I structure it?
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4

Use the “\n” for the newline character. So, set the field to “Line1\nLine2\nLine3\nLine4”

Got it! had to use:
“MM/DD/YYYY – USER:” + Environment.NewLine +
“ON-HOLD:” + Environment.NewLine +
“STRUCTURED:” + Environment.NewLine +
“ENGINEERED:” + Environment.NewLine +