BPM not triggering after scheduled MRP process

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I have a Data Directive on JobHead that catches newly created MRP jobs to firm them and do other things if needed. When I run manually the MRP process, the Data Directive triggers perfectly.
However, when the same MRP process runs overnight at 3:00 AM. It seems like it doesn’t trigger. What could it possibly be?

I’m on Epicor 10.1.600.24.

Try it on Standard Processing.

The directive is already on Standard Processing. @Arul

Post the condition. Mainly it will be with Add or Update condition.

@Arul My directive is triggered on the Add condition. What do you mean by Post the condition?
According to this, the Standard data directives get executed after the Post-Processing.

Instead of Add condition, include Update as well.

@Arul So the BPM would trigger on the Update condition if triggered by a scheduled task?

Its not like that. Data Directive works bit different.compared to Method Directive.