BPM on Part Duplicate does not work

I am trying to create a basic BPM to set the NonStock field to True when a part is duplicated and it is not working. Our thinking is, if the part is stock, and a user copies it to a new part, we don’t want that part to also be stock. Hence the BPM to set it to true.

Here is a screen shot of the BPM:

So I created a Post Processing BPM on Part.DuplicatePart and it does not do anything. It is enabled.

Any ideas?

Have you traced the transaction to make sure that is the proper method to use?

Is this the correct method? :


I don’t see that method anywhere though.

I am not sure as I have never worked with duplicate part. What I have found is that the most obvious choice is not always the correct one. I like to trace the transaction and then put pop ups in the methods to see the dataset. It helps me figure out which method is the best one to use.

Maybe I have found the answer:

I’ll give that a try.


I have a BPM on PartDuplicate that works with widgets. But, it is Post-Processing. A bunch of changes are made in temporary variable tables, then PartUpdate is invoked.