BPM or Program for Creating a Memo Entry

Hello Again.
I’m working on a project which allows users to create up to five manual holds against a Sales Order. Thus far, I have created five sets of three fields:

  1. HoldActive_c (boolean which activates the nth hold, and enables the other two fields);
  2. HoldReason_c (string which accepts any one of the reasons entered into User Codes); and
  3. HoldComments_c (free-form text for Customer Service/Account to specify additional details).

As long as HoldActive_c is true, the order cannot be marked as Ready To Fulfill. However, when the boolean is set back to false, obviously that hold would be cleared, but I want to store the Reason and Comments into a Memo entry so users can look at it later for reference.

Currently, most all of my logic is in the screen customization code, but for this task, I’m certainly open to other methods such as via a BPM.

If anyone who has successfully created a Memo entry could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve only done it via DMT, but you could put a trace on that to expose the BOs used.

Tricky bit with memo on DMT, if I remember right, was having to put the object name (eg “part” or “customer” or “order”) into several columns not necessarily shown as required in DMT until they throw errors. But once it’s working you can trace it.

I have done this with a BPM and a UBAQ. You need to use the Ice.Memo BO, and the GetNewMemo method. I setup the BPM like this: