BPM "Order" field?

What is the significance of the Order field on a BPM Detail page? We had two BPMs for a method and when I tried to add a third one it started causing issues. The first two were order 10 and 20 (defaults) my new one was 30. So I figured the first two would fire first and not be an issue.

BPMs 10 and 20 set a UD field (ShortChar03) and the RefNotes fields on ShipHead. My new one sets Ref1 & Ref2 depending on what certain Customer’s demand. So my BPM isn’t even touching the fields, but it seems be as we’re getting errors that ShortChar03 isn’t set.

In any form you can go to Help > Field Help and then select a field on the screen it usually gives you a brief explanation.

From field help:

Specifies the order in which enabled directives are activated. The application automatically completes this field using increments of 10. For example, the first directive you add will be 10, the second 20, and so on. You can edit this value as necessary.

Either the bpms aren’t being called or there is a bug in your code preventing it from being set. Through the bpm interface you could could drag in a message box that pops up when it’s called. For me personally the problem is I’m usually using the wrong method directive.


Yes, I’d pulled the field help on it but it wasn’t acting according to how the help file specified. It was firing off all three, I’d setup messages to verify. The older BPMs were C# code but looked like they were doing as they should.

The resolution here was that I re-worked all 3 into one BPM to rule them all. Less BPMs to juggle and removed a bunch of C# code we didn’t really need.