BPM Part Update

Changes to the PartPlant table via the Part Maintenance UI do call the Part.Update Business Object Method so your BPM is in the right place (so far so good).

You indicated you have no conditions on your BPM so, again - no problem here.

QUESTION: Are you using the "Show information message based on the designed template" Action or are you using a 4GL Action as the source for your information message?

In either case ("Show information message..." or 4GL Action) the scalar and table parameters you select may only be looking for ttPart. You will likely need to make an additional reference to ttPartPlant.

If it would help, you are always welcome to call or email me directly.



--- In vantage@yahoogroups.com, "cooner_55421" <cooner_55421@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> Wondering how to pop up a message changes to Part, Plant tab fields.
> I have a BPM for the Part.Update method.
> No conditions
> Action - a message pops up.
> It seems to work for any field in part maintenance, detail tab.
> Changes made on the plant tab have no effect.
> Wondering what to add to this BPM to consider changes on the plant tab.
> Thanks