BPM PopUp Message with PartTran Information

So I have been asked to create a BPM that pops up on the handhelds that shows the guys some information about the part they are about to receive to stock. We keep getting double receipts to inventory and want the user to see that something has already been received in a pop up message. I have the popup working the way i want, but the information in the popup isn’t accurate. I double received these parts to stock, and yet the pop up gives me a tranqty of 0. also says no bin when i received them into 2 different bins. Anyone have any ideas on what im missing?

Thank you very much

PopUpexport.bpm (37.4 KB)

Perhaps your issue is with the condition, or lack thereof, on the displayed data.

Epicor typically send both original and modified row to a BPM. The updated row will be marked RowMod = “U”, but since you are using Post Processing, the RowMod will have been cleared, and there is no way to distinguish new from old records.

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@Chris_Conn is absolutely right, so i suggest to capture your tt information on a pre-process, store them in callcontext variable, then use as per need on the post-process, and do not forget to clear them afterward

So I made a pre-process and stored what i needed with a set BPM Data Field. I inserted the CallContextBPM into the popup, and now i get this.

Any Ideas what i missed?

Anyone able to look into this?

Is your BPM on a get new? Does the pop-up appears before you put in a part number?

What I’m getting at is I don’t think you have a row in your datatset yet. Getnew creates a new empty dataset. You’ll have to get the information after you put the part number in. Follow your trace farther and see if there is a BPM after you input your part number so that there is a row to use.

Second, more important thing, is it looks like you are using the TTrows to get your data for your pop-up right? Those rows are what’s going in as you do the transaction. If you need to see what’s already in the database your going to have to look into the database, not those TTrows.

Agreed with @Banderson. GetNew is not the ticket. You’re going to want the preupdate (pre-process) or receive method.

sorry for the late response @Vesserik my notification alert setting is not working since the Forum update,

with regard to your BPM, change your method to Update, it should work fine this way, however as @Banderson said, if you want to get information from other BO/Tables then you need to find it within the Db not tt.