BPM Query - Part description checking when adding new part rev

Hi all,

I started this a while back and always get side tracked. But, now I'm back to it and I need to try to get a BPM query to work.

I'm fairly new at the BPM's so I do appreciate any help. I'm trying to check the part description for "CUST," any time a new revision is added to the part. The comma is needed in that spot and "CUST," could be in various positions in the description. I am trying this following query and to me it looks like it should work, but like I said, I'm very new at this and what I think probably doesn't mean much. Does anybody have any ideas how to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Thanks again for any help!
(query below)

for each ttPartRev where (ttPartRev.RowMod = 'A') no-lock , each Part where
(Part.PartNum = ttPartRev.PartNum and Part.PartDescription matches '*CUST,*') no-lock