BPM SalesOrder.Update Post-Proc - Update Commissions Splits

We are trying to recalculate our commission splits. We are doing this on SalesOrder.Update Post-Proc BPM.

I am running into a Row modified issue in custom code so I scaled back to what I thought was a simple BPM and seem to still be getting the issue.

BPM has 2 nodes ( Custom Code, and Invoke BO Method)

Custom Code

Invoke BO Method

When I go into a sales order, make a change and hit save and them the BPM uses 1 of the 3 examples in the Custom Code example, (I.e. Test one, setting RepSplit1 = 100, RepSplit2 = 0) I get a row modified error. This is in a Post-Process on SalesOrder.Update.

I have disabled all other BPMs/Data-Directives/ and am using the base form so no other code should be getting fired.

Any Ideas?


 Usually that error comes up when something was ‘changed and not Saved’, then ‘changed’ again then Saved , at least I think that is true-there is a ‘dirty row’ that is out there

And not handled. Is it possible that this sequence is trying to update more than once?

may i ask why you choosed to update these fields after Epicor Base, (i.e. post processing )?