BPM to create an Alternate Method?


Before I try to reinvent an already existing wheel; is there anyone who uses a BPM to create an Alternate Method upon approval of a new Revision on a Part (and select a Primary Alternate Method for the plant on the Part entry > Site tab > Planning sheet)? Also I am trying to get my head around how to ferret out the unapproved Revs due to the creation of the new Alternate Method.



Do you just want to create the Alt Method or actually populate it with different materials/ops?


That would be the ultimate if it came in pre-populated and approved…

We have 2 sites: VA and CO. VA manufactures for themselves and for CO. CO will design methods using parts. VA takes the parts in the engineering BoM , and turns them into assemblies and subassemblies on a manufacturing BoM. Purchased part numbers are shared, ops are unique to the site.


So you are wanting to create full alternative methods via BPM? Probably possible if you can track out all the BO Methods needed and then pass in all the parameters, would be quite a bit of work but might be worth it. Not sure if there is any limit on how big/expensive a BPM can get.

Hi Guys,

I’m looking to go down the same road. Wondering if you got anywhere with this?

Really I would settle for a BPM to just create the Alternate Method itself when a New Revision is created.

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