BPM to Form Code conversion help

I love the flexibility I have within a BPM to access the DB. I have become somewhat comfortable with it. I have already ran into instances where I have had to re-work a solution in custom (form) code using adapters instead of the DB access. In this case, I am trying to get a printer name, based on workstation id. What adapters would I use? Any suggestions.

Here is my BPM code:

String prntr= “??”;
var PRINT = (from WS_Row in Db.Device.With(LockHint.UpdLock) where
WS_Row.WorkStationID == Session.WorkstationID &&
WS_Row.Company == callContextClient.CurrentCompany
select WS_Row).FirstOrDefault();
if (PRINT != null)
prntr =PRINT.PrinterID;

var Result = from D in Db.Device
join P in Db.SysPrinter
on new { D.Company, D.PrinterID } //link these
equals new { P.Company, P.PrinterID } // to these
where D.WorkStationID == Session.WorkstationID
select P.NetworkPath;
prntr = Result.FirstOrDefault();

There is a printer maintenance screen run that with Tracing on and you’ll see the name of the adapter.

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OK and where might I find this elusive: Ice.Proxy.BO.SysPrinterImpl?

I assume I need to add it’s reference to my custom code

Should I refer to this YouTube video from this cool dude I know and use a BAQ to get this done easier?

SIGH… So I think in your video I see the light - I can find the SysPrinterAdapter using the Wizard. I normally manually add the references

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You can get at it using the Workstation adapter GetById method and retrieve the Device table.

@srossberg I have to get the network path of the printer so I have to actually query the printer table for that. I do use the printer name from the Workstation though to get the right printer.

  <localTime>12/14/2016 19:16:05:2219272 PM</localTime>
    <parameter name="whereClauseSysPrinter" type="System.String"><![CDATA[ BY PrinterID]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="pageSize" type="System.Int32"><![CDATA[100]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="absolutePage" type="System.Int32"><![CDATA[0]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="morePages" type="System.Boolean"><![CDATA[False]]></parameter>

Yea I got that far but I couldn’t find the BO DLL to reference (add
reference). Ultimately I realized I could find it in Wizard but I decided
to use a BAQ

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Just an observation with your BPM code. You’ve used LockHint.UpdLock. Does it require that if you’re only reading data not writing?

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I don’t believe so since we aren’t performing an update - I just figure better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

Also for anyone looking (and questioning my sanity): The first block of code is actually unused. I was looking for the printer ID but then ultimately found I needed printer network path. I leave it in there because my Epicor runs too fast (i’m kidding, or am I @josecgomez.trigemco)

Final Solution was to:
Create a shared BAQ that links the tables just like I did in my BPM code and filters WorkstationID with a parameter. I then used the video linked above from our resident Guru-In-Chief Jose Gomez to call my BAQ from code and use those results. It was WAY easier.

DynamicQueryAdapter dqa = new DynamicQueryAdapter(oTrans);
QueryExecutionDataSet qeds = dqa.GetQueryExecutionParametersByID("CC_WORKSTATION_PRINTER");
if(dqa.QueryResults.Tables["Results"].Rows.Count > 0)
prntr = dqa.QueryResults.Tables["Results"].Rows[0]["SysPrinter_NetworkPath"].ToString();
else MessageBox.Show("No printers configured. Contact C.Conn");

I don’t know how I feel about this one… :confounded:


I am at a loss for….


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Well I can’t unsay it :blush: But I did edit the post. Apologies if I’ve offended anyone. We all know Jose is a monogamous ERP solutions provider.

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I don’t know about that… I’ve been known to dabble… in other ERP’s… However once you go Epicor you can’t go back


Hopefully it’s not because you wake up with a headless server wrapped in newspaper on your pillow. Epicor Mafia? C’mon it’s FRIDAY!!!

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