BPM to Pass Currency from Customer To EntityGLC

I’ve been streamlining Customer Entry using method directives to set fields during post-processing on Customer.GetNewCustomer. They work great for setting ShipVia, Terms, FOB, etc.
Now I’d like to use currency during Customer.GetNewEntityGLC to set the proper GL Account. I’ve been successful in setting a default control type and code using post-processing but no luck in changing them.
I’m not a coder. Any suggestions on how to change the GL Account using the BPM Workflow Designer?

Did you trying using the Preprocessing Directive?

Yes, I did try preprocessing of Customer.GetNewEntityGLC. And then to diagnose the problem I did just a Show Message. I inserted parameters, field queries and table queries. Only parameters displayed.

Can you please paste your code so we can see what is going on and maybe see how we can help you?

Update: I achieved the results in another manner. First I set default GL Control Type and GL Control Code using post-processing on Customer.GetNewEntityGLC. Then I set the GL Control Code based on currency code using pre-processing on Customer Update.
During Customer Entry my users actions are reduced to New GL Control and Save. The proper selections appear after the save.