BPM's and Invoices

Good morning,

We are creating a BPM process to change some of the information on our
ARInvoices. It's a pretty basic process, invoices come in from another
system and we have to adjust some of the prices and part numbers.

We currently have Service Connect work flows in place that receive the
incoming invoices and place them into a group so that they can be manually
batched. This all works splendidly.

However when we try to update the invoices we start to have trouble. Here is
what we currently have:

A preprocessing Method Directive set to run synchronously.

for each invcdtl where invcdtl.invoicenum = ttinvcdtl.InvoiceNum:
assign invcdtl.InvoiceComment = "Test".

What we are trying to do is look up all the Invoice Details for a given
invoice and make our changes. (as far as we can tell the ttInvcDtl table
only contains changed rows, as opposed to all the lines on the invoice) The
code seems to execute and there are no errors in the logs but nothing is
changed on the invoice.

Is there anyone out there who knows what's wrong with this?

Thank you,
John Driggers
Zabatt Inc

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