BPM's with User Interaction

What happens if a BPM has user interaction (Message displayed, BPM Form, etc…), and the BO is initiated from an “automated” process like DMT upload, configurator generated part entry, or a scheduled process?

Is it just ignored? Does it appear to the user that created the process?

For example, say you have a BPM that checks the format of Part.PartNum on a newly created part. And it generates a message when an invaild format is detected.

But you also have the Configurator set up to create new parts. If the configurator builds a new part nunmber with an invalid format, does the BPM’s message display?

Should - or even can - the BPM test for something to determine if it was called by “automation”?

Is there some generic test to see if it was “automated”, vs having to build the BPM to look for conditions specific to the BO? Like if the new part to be created is specifically from the configurator

I believe I’ve seen Service Connect workflows error out in that situation, and we manage that where necessary by including a check for the Service Connect user in any relevant BPMs.

But I’ll admit I have no clue in a more general sense and hope somebody with proper knowledge can answer.

as a general rule -up to my knowledge- if what you called ‘automated’ process calling different method, it won’t trigger any related BPM’s, if it does call same method, it will error the record out, as an example i have designed/built 5 BPM’s to be triggered when Jobs released on JobEntry BO, and have a Service Connect workflow to do update JobHead.Requiredby date as per some custom calculation, this workflow is calling same method as JobEntry BO, thereby all of my BPM’s are triggered and if any contains exceptions or show public message and satisfy the predefined conditions will error out and wont be updated, on the other hand, if you release jobs using Auto Release Jobs UI, nothing from my related BPM’s will be triggered as this process is calling different method.