Breakdown into days of a month

Hello Folks,

We have a custom dashboard to see Estimated Resource Load based on job operation start date, estsethours, estprodhours and so on.
So far what we have created is “Currmonth” field takes the allocation days for that current month. Its a limitation for the report we have.

What the request is :- If a user select the parameters to current month it works completely fine but whenever we select a different month, those prod hours goes negative.

First snapshot is of October month which is current month and is working completely fine.

Second snapshot is of December month which is almost 2 months from now is showing wonky numbers, more than number of days in December month.

Also, I know there is a BAQ Constant field named as last day of next month but that will satisfy the maybe 2 months. We need this to be dynamically.

Well, “CurrMonth” is the calculated field and below is it’s snapshot.

Any leads will be appreciated!! Thank you for your time

@itsme I googled for SQL last day of month and found a EOMONTH function. It compiled and got the calendar end of month in a quick test I did. If you need the Fiscal EOM then make a subquery of the fiscal calendar and use End Date.


@gpayne, thank you for your reply, glad that it worked. I tried this function before but did not pass the correct expression. But now it worked.
Thanks again for the help.

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