Bug in 408b Blank Title 81979


There is a bug introduced in the latest version of Vantage - this is in the CRM module. Actually, this might have been the case with any of the releases between and including 405 to 408, since we upgraded from 404b and it was working fine in that release.

The bug can be seen by following these steps:

1. Open Salesperson Workbench
2. Go to CRM Call Logs, after refreshing (by customer or all)
3. Open a CRM call log by clicking update
4. Close that call log and then try to open another call log, you will see that the same call log that you opened in step 3 opened a second time

This behavior will be seen every time you try to open a call log entry. This has been logged by Epicor as SCR 61827, no date has been announced for a fix.

As a workaround, you can go to Customer maintenance from the salesperson workbench, and then Actions > Call Log to browse the different call log entries.


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