Bug - Linked Quote Materials Automatically Appended

We’re on 905.701. 2 of our users (different workstations) have reported the following bug happening occasionally:

They’re editing a Job BOM (JobMtl table) in Job Entry and all of the materials from the linked quote are suddenly added to the BOM. They both say they didn’t append details or do anything involving getting details. This happens maybe 1 out of every 1000 jobs.

The change log shows the user adding materials to the job, and the server log shows the append code running. We have several BPMs involving jobs, but none that run other methods or create new records on job-related tables. We have customizations on Job Entry as well, but again nothing that should cause this to happen.

Epicor support said they have no cases in which this bug was reported. Tried clearing client cache, but doubt that will do anything as issue has occurred on multiple workstations. Anyone here had this happen to them? Solution?