Build Project Analysis - Error

Hey Everyone

So ran into an issue today while trying to run Build a Project Analysis. I keep getting an error when it hits one particular project, but its set up the same as everything else in our system…I get the following error…anyone see this before?

Any of your Project Jobs closed?

No its a brand new project and both jobs under it are open…

Any Method or Data Directives?

that are firing for that particular project only? no…its literally the same as every other project that I can see…its very strange

If there are ANY (this project or not), try disabling them and run the BPA again. Maybe THIS project doesn’t have all the fields populated for the BPM and that’s bubbling up an error. The only way to rule it out is to try it.

This is a bug, it is trying to get either a JobMtl or JobOper and then trying to use it even if it is null.

It was fixed starting in 10.1.600 and retrofitted to 10.1.500.16, refer to SCR 196346

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Hey Jonathan

Sorry when you say SCR 196346 we need to apply a patch or update?

Hey Mark

So we made the project inactive and everything ran through fine so its 100% that project. I just had Jonathan note its a know bug so looking at how I work around that.

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Yes, but you need to contact support since I don’t know what the solution would be to someone in a version as old as yours.

Not sure if you can update to the latest 10.1.500.X version or the earliest might be something else like 10.2.200/300.

Contact support, reference the ticket number I mentioned and they should let you know what your options are.

Thanks Jonathan, I will start a ticket now

Appreciate the help!