Bulk import of Non-Conformance data - Is it possible?

We are wondering if anyone knows of a way that we could “import” a bulk list of non-conformance information into the system, and then, if we had our wish, then bulk process the DMR’s from those imported Non-Conformance entries… We have the DMT but there is nothing in it that I could find that would do that. Does anyone know of a way that we could even get started on something like this? Right now, we have employees that are just devoting a major portion of their day to creating non-conformance entries and then processing them through DMR in our manufacturing facility. The majority of them are simple and do not take a lot of thought process but DO take a lot of time to enter into Epicor manually and process. We would love to streamline this if at all possible. We do not let our hourly manufacturing folks report non-conformance using MES just an FYI…

I see that DMT on the current version does NonConformance.
An updatable dashboard may help out too.

Can I ask, why you are doing so many non-conformances?
There may be another process.