C# triggered off of Print Button

Anyone have any advice on this? i’ve got some C# code that im triggering off of an Epi button at the moment that sets a value of a checkbox in an epigrid to True. Crystal report pick lists are being printed off this dashboard and it would be great if i could filter the report to only print jobmtl records where Checkbox11 is false. The Epibuttons are set up to change all the Checkbox11s to true. Problem with this is if the user clicks the button before he prints the list the list will print blank,

Any ideas on triggering my C# to run when the print button is hit?

couldn’t you just add a simple if statement?
//put your print action here

Also, please share your code so we can see what you’re attempting to do.

What id like to do is check all checkbox11s in a certain epi grid when a crystal report is printed. I want the printing of the report to be what triggers my code to run.

i think what you’re saying above is causing things to print off the check box value changing.

You can create a button “PRINT”, place it over the original PRINT button, that button will call the original PRINT button then run your code:

something like this (not tested)
void YourButton_Click()
EpiButton origbtn = csm.GetNativeControlReference(“GUID-OF-ORIGNAL-BUTTON”);

//Your Custom Code after click here…