Caching baq results?

Does Epicor Data Discovery allow you to cache the results on a schedule like once a day so you aren’t constantly recalculating complex data sets (like Power BI for example)?

We have some really complex reports that are currently being emailed out every day. I would prefer to have this information available on the home page in Epicor or on a dashboard in EDD, but as far as I can tell (have not got very far into it), the only way to build a view in EDD is to reference a BAQ, which seems like it will then rerun every time the page is loaded?

From a system performance perspective, continuing to email out a spreadsheet of the results every day seems preferable, at least that way the data is only generating once and not 100+ times a day.

Is there some other solution that doesn’t involve external integration?

You can mark an archive period on the emailed reports. Assuming you’re using these BAQs in your emailed reports.

This sounds a bit like what an Executive Query can do, if you have the Executive Analysis module. There are some here who are more familiar with them than I am.

Right I understand that - I was looking for alternatives to emailing out the reports.

It seems like with EDD if you put the dashboard on your home page, its going to run that BAQ for every individual user.

Whereas with the email report, the BAQ runs one time.

If you’re a coding type, you could have a BAQ run by a web app periodically and then use the web address to display in the Home Page.

I’ll have to look into that, not familiar, thanks.


Makes sense users ignore email a bunch.

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And in the event of a Business Email Compromise, all that data is exposed. Storing reports in ECM or SharePoint gives you the ability to see when and who read the report as well.

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Well now we are back to external integration - in that case I might as well just use Power bi or something else like that which I’m trying to avoid.

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@Mark_Wonsil was on the right track. I forget the specifics, but an executive query lets you generate a dataset on a schedule. The resulting dataset can then be used to create a dashboard. I believe the data exists as a BAQ that could probably be used in Data Discovery

I have used an executive query to record how many suggestions buyers had each day.
You set up a query by giving it a “Cube” ID.
The query then can be run and added to the prior results.
It also is a means of creating different summaries.
By running the executive query it becomes results in a flat table that responds very quickly.

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The executive query seems very promising, I’m playing with it but somewhat baffled you can’t map any date fields? Only decimal, int, and char? Why???

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