Calculated field not in report dataset

In the POForm Report Data Definition is a calculated field VendorID.
I made a new report definition and new custom report several months ago with this field displayed on the custom report. I went into the report today to do some work on a different field and am getting an error that the VendorID is not accessible. I looked and it is not listed in the report data. it IS listed on both system and custom report data definitions. Is there somewhere the visibility is set for calculated fields?


Go to Report data definition and select table then exclusions tab and make sure required columns are unselected.

Are you using SSRS or Crystal?

if it’s crystal try the Verify Database function.

if it’s SSRS and the field is missing because someone tried the “sync dataset” button then you may have to rebuild the RDL’s.

Please make sure your purchase order report style is using the correct Data Definition.


I am looking for a Calculated field. There is no exclusion options for calculated fields is there?

So that version was working, and only now that you’ve tried to make changes has the error started?

Double check the dataset’s query expression and the query fields. Make sure the spelling matches.

The base RDD does have the Calc field VendorID, But the base RDL does not, include “Calc_VendorID” in either the dataset’s query nor its field list. I assume you added it in both places.