Calculating ABC Codes - including stock moves?

We're on Vantage 8.03.405

I'm making some adjustments to our ABC codes and was surprised to see several near-obsolete parts show up on the A list. We had the unit cost set at $500 (part was $3 so not it) and the minimum volume set at $12,500.

Reading the help, I noticed that they count both issues and receipts in the last 30 days when calculating volume (I'd like it to only count issues, but I'll double my volume to account for this, assuming most "A" parts are using JIT).

My problem is that it appears that STK-STK transactions are also being counted. My $3 part had $600 in STK-CUS and $15 in STK-MTL transactions last month. They made several stock moves last month, which should have cancelled each other out, but instead both sides of the move appear to have been used in the ABC calculation? Total value of stock moved was $7650, so one side would still not have approached the $12,500 mark.

Has anybody else seen this? Do you know if it's been fixed in future versions?

- Kirstin (Sorry about the long post)