Calendar in Pay roll report

I have done similar creating a UD table with Months as records then reading Part Tran Table for shipments STK-CUS for manufactured parts or issues to jobs STK-MTL for purchased parts. The dashboard then has rows for months and columns for the past 6 years creating a summary grid of shipments on the part or usage. Takes 20 seconds or so to build depending on the part but displays nice. Who says you can build a cross tab style dashboard.  Link UDCodes to Part To PartTran.


Patrick Winter


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Hhhmmm…interesting…something to think about.

Thanks, Steve!  Manasa



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In a BAQ it would be the first table you select.  You then link the next table or tables to it with an outer join.


What I did was to set up a UD table with all the dates.  I then linked Sales Orders and Invoices to it.  What this gave me was each row of data had either sales order data in it, Invoice data, or nothing at all.  I then created a complicated Crystal Report that listed all the days of the month along with totals for sales orders and Invoices for each day.


Steven G.


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So when you say you use this table as the “top” table….how are you doing that exactly?

I ask because we want to create a time and attendance program to force a point system Kronos uses.  In other words I want to get rid of Kronos by re-developing it somehow in Epicor.



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A trick I use is to populate a UD table with dates for the next 10 years.  I then use checkboxes in the UD table to mark workdays, holidays, etc.  I then make the UD table the "top" table for my other tables.  This way, I get a date even if there are no other records with that date linked to it.  Its kind of a brute force method, but it works.


Steven G.


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Hello All,

I am using Vantage 803 version and created Time and Attendance report using ODBC crystal report where I grouped by-Clock_ID to display time their times.

The issue I am having is if an employee did not punch in/out for a day, it doesnt display anything(skips the day).

Is there any system calender that I can use to force all working days to be displayed and then row can show a blank in front of any missed clock-in.


P.S: I have tried using ProdCal but it does not pull any date into the report.






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