Call autoprint from method directive


Our receiving process involves the receiver previewing the PO as part of the process so they can see all the notes on the PO. I know I can use autoprint on a data directive to pull up a preview of the PO form, but I want to call this when the GetPOInfo method fires on the Receipt Entry screen. Is there a trick to get the autoprint to fire from something other than an update method?

Do you need the entire PO? You could make a Post-Proc BPM on GetPOInfo, that displays a BPM Form that shows the specific info (header comments, line comments, etc…)

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I think I know how I can use the BPM form to display the PO header info, but how do I get it to show the line info?

I see your install is “Epicor DT hosted”. Does that allow you to use the Execute Custom Code widget?

If so, you could fetch data from the PO tables in code, building a string to display on the BPM Data Form.

A totally different (and somewhat hacky) way, would be to have your GetPOInfo BPM update a UD field in the PO Header table, and then have a Data Directive on the PO Header table invoke the autoprint when it detects that specific UD field being set. Don’t forget to clear the UD field after you’ve called the AutoPrint.

Alas, no custom code, but I have access to functions - haven’t learned much about them yet. I am on the list for some training because I think this will open up a lot of options for me.
I’m guessing I would have to use code/function to update the UD field as well. That would work fine for me.

Or instead of a UD field, just put the PO Line Comments in the Receipt Line Comments.
I did something like that for Requisition Comments that told the Receiving Dept who the PO Line was for so they didn’t have to look it up.

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You would only need to use the Custom code widget if you wanted to get all the PO info (from header and lines) at once and display it in a single BPM form.

There are separate BO methods for getting the PO Header info and Line Info. You cold us the BPM Data Form in each. The user would then have separate windows pop-up. First would be PO Header Info, and then another for each Line…

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