Call Context in 10.2.500

Since going to 10.2.500.7 (from we’re getting odd errors, just one or two per day, on processes which have always worked and are still working almost all the time except for those one or two per day.

In each case it’s a BPM that is retrieving data from a call context data field and reporting “no row”. It’s hard to catch, because trying again normally works, and someone else trying to do whatever failed always works.

Is anyone aware of any changes to how call context data is handled? It feels like a bug of some kind, because this is data that has been set in one part of a BPM and retrieved in another, but I may have missed something that says we should have changed how we access it.

Is it by chance related to REST? Not sure if there’s a change or not, but that’s the only place I’ve ever had issues with CallContext.

It isn’t, actually.

The place it’s showing up most often is a returned option from a BPM data form. The next widget in line errors saying there is no context data row to retrieve it.

Odd, because that BPM has remained untouched and working since 10.1.400. There’s nothing special about it.