Call log Contact List Linking

I have created a Call log entry associated with a Company and contact on the detail screen.

I have also added and additional contact to the People tab from a different company. You ask why did i pick a different company? Sometimes we attend sales meetings with Customers and they have their Consultant in the room, who by the way we would have in our system as a Customer or Prospect and would want them associated with this sales meeting.

I have no problem seeing the Call on the Customer Tracker for the Customer Company on the first screen above but can not find any where that shows the other contact, from the different company associated with this Sales Trip Call log entry.

I have attempted building a query to search for these associated contacts but can find no way to link the CRMCall table with this list, which i thought was stored in the CRMCallCnt table but not.

Any ideas? Is it a bug that Epicor allows us to enter contacts into a call that do not belong to the company on the Call Log / Detail / Contact form?

I just finished a BAQ for a quick search that involved CRM calls from potential customers that were referred to a distributor, so we wanted both the distributor and the customer on the call. Sounds similar, right? Well, it wasn’t bacause of how we were searching through calls.

But, I played around a bit with your scenario, and I think this BAQ would work for you:

You still have to link the Customer table into the PerCon, but this should get you started.

Thanks that did it.