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We're evaluating ABOM right now, but we presently use templates. Here's
something development is working on; if you use templates in 4.0 or are
considering it, here's something you should be aware of.

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Subject: Call Number 595560MPS Technical Support Reply: JM Valid
warehouse error when creating non part master job from template

Please reference call # 595560MPS if you have any additional questions on
this issue.


Development has written up an SCR for this issue, so hopefully it will be
fixed soon. In the meantime, the work around is to get the details from the
part master (if you have one set up) or from a quote. See below for summary
of issue:

When a job is made from a template, and Get Details are pulled over from the
the template of a non part master part, it cannot be updated. The Make
Direct flag should be checked and a valid plant should be in place, but
neither is the case, and this information cannot be updated.

1. Create a job for a non part master part with at least one non part master
subassembly, or see Job # d5296 in Mntech 4.00. Make sure the job header
and all subassemblies are marked Template. No quantities need to be
inputted as this is only used as a template.
2. Note that a plant default is there for the subassembly and the Make
Direct flag is checked.
3. Create a sales order for a non part master part, or see my sales order
4. Use Mfg Suggestions to find the suggestion and create a job, or see my
job # d000424-1-1.
5. Go to Job Entry and get details from the job created in step one. Do not
6. Double click on a subassembly. Note that the plant default does NOT
appear, nor is the Make Direct flag checked. Try to add a plant. You
7. Add comments to the subassembly. Click OK. Click OK again, and the
message "A valid Warehouse is required" appears. You cannot update this

ADDITIONAL NOTES: This information sounds very similar to SCR #209, see
document # 3484MPS, but that issue was fixed with the .803 patch. This
sounds like a similar issue, but has to do with copying information from one
job to another instead of from a quote.


SCR 887

Your analysis is correct -- the same change that SCR 209 made to
jc/jce10-gd.w for copying from a quote needs to be made for copying to a
job. Here's the description from that SCR:

The problem, since the Morocco Multi-Plant project (AXL 13840, now SCR 152)
added plants to jc/jce10-gd.w, is that it does not always adjust a job
assembly's Direct flag. If the job assembly's part is not in the Part
table, the Direct flag must be checked since it cannot come from inventory.

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