Call Number 666976MPS Technical Support Reply: PM Purchasing UM


> Please reference call # 666976MPS if you have any additional questions on
> this issue.
> Joe,
> I was able to duplicate the issue of the wrong UM being used in PO
> Suggestions. See below for steps. I have submitted it to Development and I
> will let you know what their response is.
> If a selling unit of measure is set up for a part, the incorrect unit of
> measure and purchasing factor is used in PO Suggestions.
> Duplicated in Mntech 5.00.310
> 1. Set up a part in the part master with an inventory unit of measure, a
> purchasing UM and a selling UM. (For example, SH, LB, EA - see Mntech
> example part number SS-125) Use a different factor for each unit of
> measure.
> 2. Create a job with a purchase direct requirement for this part and
> generate PO suggestions.
> 3. Look at the PO Suggestions (new). Note that the factor is not used, the
> vendor quantity is wrong, and the unit of measure is wrong for the vendor.
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