Can I implement new Row Rules in the Dashboard grid without deployment?

In our Job CTC dashboard report, we have lost few of our custom rules in the row grid in dashboard after a major upgrade from 10.2.300 to 10.2.400. Now, I am implementing the rules back again in that particular dashboard report. Our end users did not loose any group by personalised settings that they have after the upgrade.

If I redeploy all of these rules in the dashboard, then the end users might loose all of their personalised settings and etc. because of the new deployment. Is there any way I can avoid these? I want to just implement the rules in the dashboard grid without hampering the end user settings. Is there any way I can avoid deployment option? Because I can see the rules working from “Dashboard Maintenance” tab by just saving the rules within the dashboard. However, if I want to access this dashboard (Job CTC) from the customised menu we have, it does not work.