Can I set something up to run Stock Status for all shops at the same time?

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I wondered if I could set something up to run a Stock Status report for all of our shops at the same time. Otherwise, I have to go into each shop separately to run them, as you know, and it’s time consuming. Can this be done?

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Hi Erin - you can run reports on a schedule. You’d still go into each shop/company to submit the report but it would be a one time set up. You have to add a new schedule under the System Agent menu, and that will show up as an option in the Schedule drop-down for all reports (also click the recurring button). Then you can see all of your scheduled reports in the System Monitor.


Hi Jacquelyn - Thank you so much, I will try that.

I made an excel friendly version of Stock Status Report(SSR), and set it to run at 12:01 AM every day, with the output emailed to me. That way I had a record of what the cost of each item was at the end of each day.

I don’t think many people realize that the SSR only uses the date for the QOH. The cost reported back is not necessarily what that part cost on that date. So any SSR run with a prior date should only be used for the QOH. Unless you use standard costing and no costs have changed between taday and the SSR date.

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Well that was very anticlimactic. Nothing changed. Said it updated two parts, and only by (1) each. So much for a fix.
Maybe you know. Any reason Transfer Cartons would show as not yet received in Receive Transfer Order, but if you look at any of the parts on that TC with Part Transaction History Tracker, there is a line with that same TC# and that same Quantity, and date. So it WAS received, right? So why don’t those lines show up on the Received Lines tab in Receive Transfer Order?
Sorry if you’re super busy, btw, but I’m trying hard to resolve this. Feel free to ignore me. :slight_smile:

Hmm, it sounds like you might have a module that I do not own. I’m not familiar with the Receive Transfer Order or Transfer Cartons menus. Is the receipt transaction showing as posted on the Inventory WIP Reconciliation report?

You may need to run the Capture COS/WIP process.

Otherwise, might be a good to reach out to Epicor support! :slight_smile:

When scheduling a report like the Stock Status to run on a recuring schedule, in addition to @jnbadger instructions, you need to set any date values to Dynamic and then select the appropriate value, usually ‘Today’ is common. Otherwise the same report will run for the same date failing to provide an updated report.

However, I’m not sure sure I understand your last response about updating parts and a fix.
The only thing I can think of is the Receive Date on your Transfer Order Receipt may be in the future or BEFORE the Stock Status As Of Date?
I have seen issues where a Receipt (TO or PO) was dated into the future and it didn’t show on the Stock Status until that date.
Again, you may have both issues a future dated TO Receipt and the Recuring Stock Status report As of Date is NOT set to a dynamic value.

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That was meant for a different topic.