Can I update a parameter with subscribed data in embedded dashboard that uses a baq that requires paramter values selected by user

I have a baq that uses another baq that lists vendors in a table. This baq has three paramters one for the vendor and two date fields selected by the user. When the query runs it has a vendor filed that has a drop down list based on the first query’s vendor (ids and names) the users selects the name that matches the vendor then enters the start date to search for invoices in another table that has the vendor id and invoices the last field is another date to for the end date of the invoices the user wants to search for. Basically the built in form that epicor uses will either run a search for all accounts payable invoices for a vendor the user selects or all closed and we want to be able to only search for say the past 2 months. We have the baq and dashboard working but we would like to embed it in the form the user uses to search for these invoices that is built in as a custom sheet. We would like to subscribe to the vendor num/vendor id field and use that in the initial parameter the dashboard uses for searching for the vendor. We subscribe to the field and it is able to use the dashboard browse in the filter and we can select the corresponding number but when we pull up the embedded form it doesn’t send the “supplier id” (vendor id) to the baq is this even possible?

I have used the approach of utilizing a UD table to hold data for queries by user.

  1. Setup an updatable BAQ using UD11 that allows you to add records.
    Set it up so when a new record is added, it will pull in the userID to Key1

  2. Select other fields dates and numbers, etc that are populated.
    I have a standard of using Date01 and Date02 for begin and end dates.

  3. Go into the invoice BAQ and add a subquery with UD11 filtered to Key1 = current userID

  4. Set your filters on the invoice head for invoice date is <= subquery UD11.Date01

  5. on your dashboard add the UD11 query and display it using a tracker view, this will allow the user to enter in their dates, etc.

Below is a picture of a dashboard that I am filtering three BAQs based on a date range.

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Can you explain what you mean by #1 using UD11? the only reference to UD11 is customizeable tables in business objects ice.ud11 I’m assuming this is just a skeleton table with no data. If so do I create the query with the usercomp to look up the current user dcduserid.usercomp?

Or is there some documentation on this process so far looking through the manual epicor tools guide and there not much info on updatable baqs especially ones that update a User Defined Table. New to using epicor, and the BAQ process can be a little convoluted.