Can IntelliSense please complete correctly after hitting tab?

We have a configurator input named txtBase.

When we type Inputs.txtB(then click tab when the control name pops up in the configurator code editor) we expect intellisense to finish the input name as Inputs.txtBase.

Instead we always get, Inputs.txtBtxtBase. Not sure if we are doing something wrong or what. If so, feel free to remove this from the Feature Requests and Suggestions category.

In short, it seems intellisense in the code editor is not all that intelligent. Wish it would work as it does in visual studio.

It’s never done that for me, but I always used enter.

That happens frequently with me working in the Configurator code editors, you can use tab or enter and get similar results. It will also usually consume any character that is to the right of what is being entered. So if you are typing (Inputs.txtBase.Value) and press tab/enter to complete it the right parenthesis is already there it will be lost.

The other annoying thing is frequently when you type the period it will go “busy” for sometimes up to five minutes before it pops up the suggested results. I am pretty sure Epicor is aware of this problem. Don’t know about the first one.