Can monitor a user's activities

Does Epicor have the function to monitor a user’s activities and transactions the user has done? Thanks.

Only if you set something up yourself. The following thread shows how you could capture user events and log them… But it would be a huge undertaking to implement.

Thank you, Calvin.

Hi Ben,

One other thought, the part tran table provides EntryPerson (login ID), for transactions done by a user. In addition to change log, might be useful for tracking down transactions.


Yeah, it depends on exactly what you want to monitor. We use change logs on audit trail things, say Part / PartRev / Quote / Order / Job, and then for a lot of transactional items there is a user or employee recorded in the DB.

What info are you trying to pull?

If you have a lot of change logs set up, you can query the ChgLog table to monitor pretty effectively. Whenever management has asked about a particular user, I’ve had to go here (since they already know how to look at transactional activities where the user/employee is recorded in the db).

select * from ice.ChgLog where logtext like '%username%'
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