Can not search Customers in Customer Tracker

A user got the following error when she used Customer Tracker and search for customers. Anyone knows why and can help? Thanks.

Can you go to Company Configuration>Modules>Sales>CRM>Detail and confirm that you have a valid default territory set?

I have seen similar issues in Case Management in E9…Not sure if this will apply, but if the Workforce for the user is not added as a sales person to the territory, or the view all territories checkbox is not ticked on the users workforce record may also explain this.

Back in the day when I was first working with E9. I had a new employee who could not see customers. It was not until I went back through my steps for user creation I found the issue.

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You also need to be in the workforce table and be authorized to see other sale persons customers.

If you have the CRM module enables you will need to set the default territory. If you have it licensed and don’t use it yet you may want to disable it.