Can rows in Parttran get deleted?

Is there a normal business scenario in which parttran rows could get deleted? IE data is stored there during some kind of data entry and it’s possible a user delete it before saving?

Doing some data warehousing work and things run faster during incremental loading if I don’t check for deleted records and need to know if that can ever happen

To clarify, I am aware there is a parttran archive/delete utility available, but that’s not the exception I’m looking for.


Like you said, they are only ever deleted when the Purge History process is used. And even then, they are first summarized, then the originals are deleted.

Do you think you are missing records? The TranNum is sequential and should have no gaps.

You would need to check for deleted records after a Purge and Summarize process occurs. Else your data warehouse would have the original records, and the new records that summarize them - thus giving you double the results.

Yup perfect. The client would be told that if they ever ran the purge (haven’t had any yet), that they would manually have to run a full warehouse update to ensure everything stays in sync. Normally we do that process weekly over a weekend.

I was wondering about the summarize and glad it does as many of my SSAS Cubes relying on rolling up all the transactions for inventory statistics and if those records disappeared without a summary replacing them, I’d have big problems.

Thanks Calvin!