Can we have Gross-Profit % displayed at Order Entry?


I’ve tried searching for this but haven’t been able to find the info.

Is there anyway that when entering lines on Order Entry screen, we can see the GP %?
And at the header we can also see the aggregated GP %?


  • This is for a Product-Trading operation.
  • We use Average costing method, we understand the GP % displayed may not be the one frozen at shipping/Invoicing.

We wonder if this has not been done before.

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We are trading company as well, and have done this customization. We done it as screen modification to color code and indicate high or low gp.

We are in on-prem though.

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Hi Prakash,

Truly sorry for not having responded to your reply for so long. I somehow missed it.

It’s OK for now for us, as we had done a Customisation as well through our Implementation Partner.

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