Can we please get some votes on this?

This is extremely frustrating. I want to be able to schedule processes to run sequentially across companies. It used to be mildly annoying to have to create a process set and schedule things into it which is why I created the idea originally. But in the cloud they have taken that away too so there is now NO WAY to have sequential processing of tasks across companies. I don’t understand why this idea has gotten so few votes. Do people just not have multiple companies? Do they have some other workaround I am not aware of? If so please enlighten me.

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We are neither SaaS nor multiple-companied (we are multi-site though). So I can’t precisely relate here.

I am surprised (and not) that you can’t do a Process Set cross-company. I believe you, of course.

Honestly I can’t picture when you would need to do this, though. Are you able to give an example? Is it some kind of Book consolidation?

Just trying to drum up sympathy.

Lets say I want to run a heavy process like MRP. I want to run it for 10 companies. Should I submit process mrp 10 times, all to a single task schedule, so it kicks off in all 10 companies at once? I think not.

I am also shocked that I can’t do a process set cross company. I was sure it was a bug. But no support has confirmed working as designed.

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Obviously some less-than-adequate ideas come to mind (offset them all by 30 min or 2 hrs or whatever, etc.).

But your point is that you shouldn’t have to solve a problem that shouldn’t exist.

I voted.

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